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4 Proven Techniques for Updating Your SEO Strategy for 2017

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I think you’ll agree with me when I say that landing on the first page of Google is #goals.   After all, in Google and in life, headlines are what matter the most. The front page. The top 3. You get it. But you’re probably thinking “this is too much trouble.” First off, deep breath. I’ve got some good news [...]

Site Speed: Everything You Wanted to Know (and Then Some)

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Site speed isn’t exactly a glamorous subject, so I don’t blame you if you’ve been avoiding giving it much thought. But reality isn't always convenient. Site speed is becoming more and more important, and internet user attention spans definitely aren't getting any longer. Perhaps even more importantly, Google does take notice of this particular issue, and that 8 second load-time is [...]

4 Winning Strategies for Marketing Content to Generation Z

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There are plenty of articles focused on teaching how to market to millennials. Yet very few articles have explored Generation Z — the up and coming generation. According to Sharethrough, this generation numbers roughly 69 million individuals! Plus, they have a spending power of $43 billion. These numbers would suggest that businesses should start taking notice. So, how do you [...]

The 4 Toughest Challenges SEO Specialists Need to Overcome

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Being an SEO professional isn't always boring. In fact, it can kind of be a rush! The highs are very high, and the lows can be just as extreme. For those considering taking the leap and attempting to become an SEO specialist, there is no better time to start than today. I often like to say that new SEO practitioners have [...]

The Last Penguin (Update) on Earth

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In case you didn’t notice, there was some pretty big news at the end of September. In fact, it was every search marketer’s favorite time of year, a Google algorithm update! Fortunately for us here at RankPay, this has been a fantastic and productive update. Ultimately, we’ve experienced more growth and benefit from this update than from any prior Google [...]

12 Powerful Writing Tools for Crafting SEO Optimized Content

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When you're writing content for online consumption, it's not just about what you've got to say. It's also essential that your audience is able to find what you've written. In order to do that, you’ll need to create SEO-friendly content. You might have the most incredible insights to share with your audience, but if they dont' see your posts, it's not [...]

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