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“RankPay has helped our business grow by over 300% all within 6 months! Without RankPay, our company would not be where we are today, and are grateful to have them as a partner.”

Jennifer Hoogland, Restauranter

“Since using RankPay’s service we have seen organic search traffic nearly double in the last 12 months. If we continue on the current trend we will grow our business 200% in just 24 months.”

Jason Warren, Wireless Provider

“Thankful for the team at RankPay. They have delivered for us on our two top keywords that deliver great ROI every month. We recommend their service.”

Paul Wallentine, Attorney

We are a local business in a very competitive industry, and RankPay provides expert advice in a timely manner and the customer service is backed-up with actual results in sales and traffic. We use them for our social as well and are extremely happy.

Ed A Circle

Ed A.
Printing Services

After using RankPay’s service for about 7 months, we’ve moved into the Top 3 results for a few of search terms. That’s helped us increase sales by over 240% since we signed up, making SEO our best marketing investment in 2017.

Michael H Circle Transparent

Michael H.
Ecommerce Retailer

Our initial business ran on the Shopify platform. RankPay took the guesswork out of SEO by providing great service, excellent social media management and transparent pricing.

Erick A Circle

Erick W.
Furniture Maker

Simply put, RankPay’s service is on point.

We’ve hired a number of SEO companies over the years, and most have come with high monthly costs but no form of a guarantee. Simply put: RankPay’s results-driven SEO service is on point. Their approach to SEO in conjunction with their social media services has undeniably delivered results.

Christian G Circle Transparent

Christian G.
Nutritional Supplements

2 months I went from not being found on Google to the 2nd page for a keyword that is crucial to my business. Maybe even better than that, I have access to an interface that clearly shows me what actions are being taken and what my rankings are. I also receive regular communication. Rather than chasing a vendor to see what is happening, I can focus on my business. All this and more for rates that are far lower than I expected to pay. This is my company’s best spend by far!

Caitlin Johnson, Online Retailer

We compete nationally for an extremely competitive keyword that we were already ranked well for, however, we wanted to be at #1. RankPay took us from hovering near the bottom of the first page of Google to the top.

Ken Gardner, M & A Consultant

We needed some help with our internal SEO to give it a boost on some key terms we wanted to rank high. RankPay has done a very good job for us and the fact that you only pay for results sets them apart in the SEO services market.

Brandon Lopez, Contractor

In the world of SEO, there are a lot of people who make claims, take your money and then fail to deliver. When it comes to RankPay, they changed the industry and have done amazing things for our site and our clients. There is no small print in what they offer and the risk is on their shoulder. Their tools make it easy to get live, then from there you do nothing but watch your results rise. When people ask us what our thoughts are on RankPay, we tell them they are a game changer to business success online.

Nicole Barber, Agency Director

RankPay provided better and faster SEO results than another company that charged us twice as much per month.

Scott Burke, Photographer

RankPay is the only SEO service out there that lets you pay only for results – and they are certainly good at getting them! Their service couldn’t be easier to use, faster to get started with, or more reasonably priced for the results they get. I use them exclusively for the SEO work on all of my sites.

Jordan Miller, Lifestyle Blogger

RankPay has exceeded my expectations and some. For those who are serious about their website, we recommend RankPay’s services. They’ve done a great job where other companies fail.

Lana Taylor, Wellness Coach

We started working with RankPay about ten months ago. At the time, we had ten keywords we wanted to rank. None of them were even in the top 100 results on Google. We now have five rankings on Page 1, and three more on Page 2. These guys know what they’re doing.

Tom Haden, Plumber

After going through many other SEO companies and being unsatisfied, I was relieved to find RankPay and finally have an SEO company that does what they say and not sell a bunch of empty promises. I recommend RankPay!

David Connell, Accountant

I’d recommend RankPay’s performance-based SEO services to anyone marketing a product or a business.

My website rankings improved dramatically weeks after I joined RankPay. I’ve spent thousands on other companies that promised performance, but didn’t deliver. RankPay delivered much more than I expected, much sooner than I expected. Their people are bright and great to work with and they’re cool.

Stephanie Coker

Rankpay has been extremely beneficial for us in achieving top organic listings on Google. I don’t know that we would have been able to rise in the rankings like we did once we started with them. I would recommend their SEO services without hesitation.

Kathy Brown, Realtor

I hired RankPay in 2019 to simply get a few key phrases ranked. Now, nearly 5 years later RankPay is my entire marketing team. They fully manage our website, content, social media, press releases, SEO and SEM and much more. It is like having 6 or 7 full time marketing employees. The secret sauce has been RankPay’s willingness to learn our company inside and out. It wouldn’t have worked otherwise. It has transformed our business. Can’t say enough about this team.

Kyle Evan Anderson, Psyche Systems - VP Sales & Marketing

RankPay has helped our customers find us faster and easier than ever before. We now have the confidence that we will always be seen for our most relevant keywords. We would recommend them, as their services could benefit any type of company.

Tricia Moore, Chief Operating Officer

Our businesses have thrived with the guidance and collaborative efforts of RankPay. They have been able to consistently funnel my businesses a vast tsunami of digital interest. I would highly recommend that you consider... what RankPay tells you to do if you want to succeed in today's Google digital marketing landscape.

John Karageorge, Atlas & Associates, Inc. - Presiding CEO

Early in our search for an SEO company we were nervous due to lack of guarantees and visibility. We ended up choosing RankPay. Their service and results are simply the best we’ve seen. We’re climbing up the rankings each month and organic traffic is growing at a steady pace. Couldn’t be more pleased!

Perry Owens, Sales Trainer

RankPay has been very responsive to all my inquiries, and has increased my rankings on all 3 search engines. My Google ranking is currently #37 after one month. Am hoping to crack the top ten on Google next month!

Richard Ricci, Dentist

RankPay has helped us reached the 1st page of Google and Yahoo quickly and helped us attract business from around the world. RankPay’s SEO services comes highly recommended. Thank you for your service!

James Cooke, Locksmith

Over a year ago we started to test RankPay. We now have three clients running. Their team has been helpful with On-site optimization and 7 of our 22 keywords have stayed in the top 5 results on our top keywords for the past six months.

Jennifer Wu, Digital Marketer

RankPay took almost all of my keywords which were rated at 100+ for Google & Yahoo and improved them to top 20, or much better, rankings across the board. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to do SEO for your website you can stop looking.

Andrea Alvaron, Yoga Instructor