PPC Management Service

We build and optimize sponsored search campaigns.
Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn and more.

Our approach

Market Research

We learn about your audience, competitors, and opportunities.

Strategize & Build

We'll create a strategy and build campaigns on targeted and opportunistic platforms.

Optimize & Accelerate

We continually optimize your campaigns for growth and ROI.


Why Invest in PPC Advertising?

Showing up in the search results is one of the most powerful ways for businesses to grow online. At the end of the day, fancy marketing jargon aside, business owners want leads.

Earning leads online, means dominating the search results. This is done through SEO, and PPC. Our mission at RankPay is to view digital presence through one lens.

PPC is one of the tools in the toolbelt to attain digital growth, but it takes expertise and diligence. It’s easy to overspend, and it’s hard to track results. That’s where we can help.

We have over a decade of experience, and our PPC team manages hundreds of accounts that range from under $1k to north of $50k monthly spend.