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We build and optimize sponsored search campaigns.
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Why Invest in PPC Advertising?

Showing up in the search results is one of the most powerful ways for businesses to grow online. At the end of the day, fancy marketing jargon aside, business owners want leads.

Earning leads online, means dominating the search results. This is done through SEO, and PPC. Our mission at RankPay is to view digital presence through one lens.

PPC is one of the tools in the toolbelt to attain digital growth, but it takes expertise and diligence. It’s easy to overspend, and it’s hard to track results. That’s where we can help.

We have over a decade of experience, and our PPC team manages hundreds of accounts that range from under $1k to north of $50k monthly spend.


Years partnering with business owners and decision makers to create digital growth.


Clients and agencies have trusted us to handle their digital marketing needs.


Combined in sponsored search ad budget under our stewardship.

“We get more targeted clicks than ever before, and that's 110% due to RankPay's diligence and expertise. From exclusions to bid strategies, RankPay has set us up for success!”

Dave W.

“We knew we needed to update our PPC campaigns, and that we could be getting so much more out of the channel. RankPay helped us do just that, and their PPC team is simply outstanding!”

Jonette M.

“Same as the experience we've had with RankPay on the SEO front, their PPC efforts are top-notch. They optimized our campaigns top to bottom, couldn't be happier!”

Harry K.