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27 Things Top White Label SEO Resellers Do to Make Money Online

Raise your hands — how many of you want to make more money with your business this year?

raise hands for SEO

Yeah, I figured as much.

Have you noticed that white label SEO reseller programs are getting a ton of press lately?

There’s a good reason for that. It’s one of the few stress-free ways to get your piece of the SEO pie and to stop losing your marketing and web design clients to SEO agencies.

But how does it work? How do resellers make money? After all, that’s the end game: to make money.

Well, I’m here to show you 27 ways the best white label seo resellers are using right now to make bank.

#1 Offer free SEO audits or another freebie

An SEO audit has pretty much become the standard in the industry for getting the ball rolling with a new client. It’s simple, easy to do and there are plenty of software options available that allow you automate pretty much everything.

Raven Tools and MySiteAuditor are two tools you can use to get the job done.

If you are a RankPay SEO reseller, our white label platform does the work for you. Just send your client to the link to your site and have them enter their domain and the keyword they want to rank for.

rankpay test results

Within a few seconds they’ll see exactly where their site ranks in Google, Yahoo and Bing, the search volume of their keyword and insight into how likely their site would be able to rank for the keyword they’re interested in.

Pretty nifty huh?

#2 Partner with local freelancers and businesses

Working with other freelancers and service-based businesses can help improve your bottomline.

You can reach out to web designers, copywriters, graphic artists and local printing companies to form a marketing alliance or referral network for new business.

#3 Start a local SEO Meetup or Facebook Group for small business owners

While this might not be for everyone, it can bring in a steady stream of fresh leads if you have a knack for organizing events or speaking in public.

Keep your ideal customer in mind when you’re forming the group, so you have the highest likelihood of interacting with your target audience.

#4 Attend a trade show

It doesn’t have to be about SEO either! Just being involved can pay huge dividends.


Get in touch with organizers of nearby events where you can find your target customers. Trade shows are a killer opportunity to meet and interact with people you’ll want to do business with.

#5 Launch a local business directory

Anyone that has anything to do with SEO knows that links are the lifeblood of an SEO strategy.

Thus, everyone wants them regardless of whether they’re for themselves or for a client.

If you build a local business directory, the leads will come right to you!

You’ll be the site owner that’s acquiring all of that super valuable contact information. As you no doubt surmised, this constitutes a lovely stream of fresh leads that you can advertise your own services to on a regular basis.

#6 Use LinkedIn Groups to connect with business owners

LinkedIn Groups can be a great source of leads if you get involved in the discussion. The major benefit of joining groups on LinkedIn is the ability to message other group members — even without a Premium account.


linked in social media groups

Another hack you can use is creating popular discussions so you can be included in the Group email that goes out to all the members. If you’re curious about how to do this, here’s a guide on the subject.

#7 Run giveaways using Rafflecopter

Free giveaways are great ways to build traffic to your site. While you may get signups in the process, you should manage your expectations. Giveaways work to build the top of your funnel and help you get an avalanche of mentions on social media.

They often attract people only interested in winning a prize, so it’s important to make your giveaway as relevant to the service you provide.

Here’s a case study we put together on using Rafflecopter for giveaways.

#8 Publish great content on your blog

According to Danny Wong, co-founder of Blank Label, B2B companies who blog receive 67% more leads than companies who do not.

Publishing great content has numerous benefits beyond SEO and traffic. Content can also be used to educate customers about what they’re missing by not using your service.

#9 Use videos to connect with your audience

Nobody does this better than Moz. Their Whiteboard Friday series is a smashing success every single week.

whiteboard fridays

It creates a tremendous amount of engagement with their audience and gives them something to look forward to on a regular basis (once ever week). Think repeat traffic!

Do this yourself and start reaping the benefits!

#10 Rank for important keywords

It goes without saying that if you’re going to offer SEO services your website should rank for something. People want to see that you practice what you preach.

Focus on picking a niche that you’ll be able to see some serious success in. Picking “SEO” as your keyword would be… ill advised at best. Be realistic OK?

#11 Create a free tool your prospects can use

There are few better ways to win loyalty than to bring some value to people at no cost.

This is the same basic principle behind solid content marketing. It extends quite naturally into tool creation as well.

For example, co-schedule has an amazing Headline Analyzer Tool that everyone could benefit from using.

headline analyzer

They provide this totally free! Just imagine the brand loyalty they’ve built from this tool alone. And the number of leads!

#12 Use product splintering to turn more leads into customers

This one is so simple it hurts. Yet time and time again, businesses tank before they even give this a shot.

It’s common sense really. We all know that we’re more likely to buy from a business we’ve already made a purchase from. That’s basic psychology.

Take advantage of this but taking one component of your product or service and selling it cheaply. The goal isn’t to make a living off the sale of that cheap item. It’s to increase the sales of your money-maker product or service by getting people in the door with your brand.

Check out this guide (and case-study) on this.

#13 Offer some pro bono work for a good cause

There are a number of great benefits to doing some charity work.

Aside from the obvious fact that it’s both good for those you’re helping and good for your image (yes this is a bit cynical), pro bono work also gives you a chance to strut your stuff without needing a qualified lead ahead of time.

Especially worth considering if you’re a newer player in the space and want a chance to prove yourself.

#14 Butter up local business owners

Old-hands from sales departments usually have lots of wisdom to share (and they’re usually not particularly shy about sharing it either).

While some of it has become a bit dated in our internet age, a lot of it holds true today.

The following is one of the more timeless nuggets of wisdom: People love being lavished with attention. Or as Dale Carnegie put it, people have a need to feel important.

dale carnegie

Showing up with coffee, remembering first names and going the extra mile to show someone that they’re important is worth more than its weight in gold.

Take this to heart and butter up your local business owners. They’ll absolutely remember you and will often be quick to recommend you when someone mentions your product or service (even if they’ve never bought anything from you!).

#15 Create a lead magnet or ebook to build your list

This is quite similar to our section on creating a free tool for your prospects to use, but slightly different.

We did this ourselves with our On Page SEO ebook and experienced no small amount of success due to its deployment.

This is a perfect opportunity to get permission to email a prospect. And it doesn’t have to be just the ebook they signed up for.

You can absolutely take this opportunity to remarket to them later and turn them from a lead into a sale!

#16 Combine SEO with other marketing services

Business owners really just want more customers. They’re not necessarily committed to SEO to do that, they just want something that works.

Combine another service — like site maintenance or website hosting — with SEO to make your offer more sticky.

This is a great way to not only make additional money, but to

#17 Get some local PR for your business

It’s a bit old-fashioned, but finding a way into your local newspaper can cause a pretty awesome ripple effect.

You might get some links if the paper publishes anything digitally. You’ll also be put right in front of any number of local business owners that could be interested in either your services or partnering with you!

#18 Guest post on industry sites to earn credibility

Sites like Business2Community and Social Media Today might be relatively easy to get published on, but they can still be just the trick to convincing your prospects that you’re an expert.

Rather than needing to explain or pitch them each time you’re hoping to sell a product or service, you can let your published post educate your prospects as to the ‘why’.

#19 Use the Skyscraper Technique to build a high-value resource

The oft-mentioned and highly-regarded skyscraper technique is a great way to build a cornerstone piece for your blog that will continue to generate leads and value for months and years to come.

In essence, you take an already great piece of content from somewhere on the web and expand, update, and improve it. Instead of listing 50 link-building tools, list 75 and get rid of any that are outdated.

Brian Dean documented his results with this tactic in his link building case study that is not to be missed.

#20 Partner with a web design company

Partnerships are the backbone of any strong business and yours will be no different.

If you think about scale, you’ll realize that one of the best ways to do so is to partner up with existing businesses that already have access to your target audience.

Web design companies have direct access (and often strong relationships) with an SEO reseller’s customers. What better way to reach all of those leads than to build a mutually beneficial partnership?

#21 Show off your high-profile clients

You know the old saying that modesty is a virtue? Well, that’s only sometimes true.

On occasion, it might behoove you to brag just a bit.

If you have some recognizable clients (locally or nationally) you should consider showing them to prospects as a form of social proof.

Further, with their permission, you might consider name-dropping them on your website to help further convince visitors of the high quality service you provide.

#22 Get testimonials from every customer you can

Testimonials are as old a concept as business itself. We’re social creatures, and it’s only natural that we be exceedingly more likely to buy from someone if we’ve heard a trusted confidant recommend them.

You need look no further than the popularity and ubiquity of Yelp to understand the importance of testimonials and the power of word of mouth referrals.

SEO testimonials

Gathering testimonials should always be a priority and displaying them prominently will definitely help with your conversion rate optimization.

#23 Incentivize customers to refer a friend

Speaking of word of mouth, have you considered using a referral program?

These can be quite simple to organize, and it’s really a win win situation. Your customers win because you’re offering them some additional perk or coupon on a service they already buy. And you win because you’re getting the most important kind of leads, those sent by existing customers.

#24 Write a case study showing results you delivered for a client

Case studies rock. Plain and simple.

What better way to convince an audience than to show how something has worked for someone in exactly the same position they find themselves?

It’s the same as saying “don’t just take our word for it, look at what happened when these people bought our service/product”!

If you need some inspiration, check out some of the coolest SEO case studies around.

#25 Use direct mail to generate leads

Despite countless predictions over the past decade of how email was going to make direct mail marketing obsolete, many companies are still experiencing no small degree of success using snail mail advertising campaigns.

direct mail

No, for now direct mail is here to stay. Mostly because it can still deliver positive ROI when used correctly.

Don’t believe me? Look at some data and see for yourself! Here’s a good example.

#26 Conduct an SEO audit of a recognizable brand

This also falls under the “maybe not being so modest” category. But hey, sometimes it pays to be confident.

By doing an SEO audit of a reputable and recognizable brand, you’re piggybacking off of their credibility and establishing yourself as an authority.

You might not be directly communicating to that brand what you think they’re doing wrong, but its essentially like an open letter. That kind of bravado can get you out the gate with some serious social proof.

Of course, learn to crawl before you walk. Here’s a guide to doing SEO audits.

#27 Use paid ads and re-marketing to get more signups

This could honestly be broken down into multiple different items, but I’m burning the midnight oil and almost out of steam so bear with me.

We all know about paid ads, Google Adwords, PPC and the like. What a lot of business owners don’t employ (but unequivocally should) is re-marketing. This is one of the most powerful ways to turn a lead into a sale.

At it’s most basic level, it’s using cookies to follow where visitors go on your site, and to then target ads specifically to them based off where they’ve been.

Trust me, it sounds more creepy and insidious then it is. Get your feet wet and your bottom line will thank you.

That’s All Folks

As you can see, there’s no shortage of great ways for white label SEO resellers to bring home the bacon.

If you’re considering getting involved, be sure to check out our own program. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback so far and are excited to see what our brilliant partners cook up next.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Until next time!

Marketing jack-of-all-trades, ascendant wordsmith, and self-proclaimed World’s Best Dog Dad. I write about SEO, social media and content marketing.