The Only Way to White-Label
Pay-For-Performance SEO

Research keywords, see instant customized pricing, get lasting results…
All in one simple platform.

Resell our full range of marketing services

to your clients, under your brand name.

White-Label SEO

We pioneered pay-for-performance SEO in 2007 and have been perfecting it ever since. For the first time, you can now offer your clients our award-winning “if you don’t rank, you don’t pay” guarantee directly.

The best part? Leave the heavy lifting to us. After you close the sale, we’ll get to work to earn your client higher search rankings.

From on-page optimizations to quality link-earning, we’ll put forward our best efforts from behind the scenes.

Earn lasting search visibility for clients. Grow new revenue streams.


Private-Label Social Marketing

Want to improve your client’s social presence? Engage their following?

Regardless of your motivation, we’ll have a plan to fit your client’s budget. Starting at just $99/month, our social marketing plans are 100% white label friendly and ready for you to resell.

We’re able to communicate on your behalf (if you wish), our writing team is entirely comprised of US-based professionals, and all plans can be cancelled at any time!

Boost SEO results. Impress clients with quality writing.

Blog Management Reseller Plans

Last but certainly not least, all of our blog management plans are ready to be resold in a completely white label capacity as well.

From start to finish, we’ll handle your client’s blogging needs and keep them updated with fresh and relevant content from the day they sign up.

When it comes to content, quality is what counts. Our professional writers will work closely with your clients to understand the target audience and their business objectives.

Build return traffic. Expand brand reach to new keyword families.


Who Uses RankPay’s White Label SEO Program?

Web Hosts
Internet Marketing Agencies
Web Designers

Whether you’re a small web designer or running business development at a well-known internet marketing agency, our white label SEO reseller platform can provide big results! Deliver more value to your customers, earn more revenue, and keep your workload static.

How Does It Work?

What Do Our Clients and Partners Say?

“Simply put, RankPay’s service is on point.”

“We’ve hired a number of SEO companies over the years, and most have come with high monthly costs but no form of a guarantee. Simply put: RankPay’s results-driven SEO service is on point. Their approach to SEO in conjunction with their social media services has undeniably delivered results.”

Christian G, Nutritional Supplements

“Helped us increase sales by over 240%

“After using RankPay’s service for about 7 months, we’ve moved into the Top 3 results for a few of search terms. That’s helped us increase sales by over 240% since we signed up, making SEO our best marketing investment in 2017.” 

Michael H, Ecommerce Retailer

“Consistent improvement in our rankings

“I’ve been working with RankPay for over 2 years and we’ve seen consistent improvement in our rankings and web presence. We are a local business in a very competitive industry, and RankPay provides expert advice in a timely manner and the customer service is backed-up with actual results in sales and traffic. We use them for our social as well and are extremely happy.”

Ed A, Printing Services

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. The time frame for rankings to improve can vary significantly based on the site, and the competitive landscape. RankPay typically averages (44) days before experiencing sustainable ranking increases. Across thousands of keywords, we see programs that take weeks, and others that take months. Therefore, we set expectations with every customer that the SEO process must be a consistent approach which requires patience.
You earn money in two ways! One, you’ll keep a 15% discount off our internal SEO pricing. Two, we have an adjustable markup that we can implement on SEO pricing. Any prices shown through your white label SEO funnel, will include that markup.

Social and blog management packages do not include the 15%, and you’ll earn recurring commissions in the amount of any markup you include when selling them to your clients.

We do! We recently started offering custom integrated marketing packages for white label partners. These are designed on a case-by-case basis when there’s a good opportunity. So don’t hesitate to ask about these if you’re curious!
No! Since our success is ultimately tied to that of the customer (and thus our partners), we don’t cut corners with our SEO. Following industry standards of best practices is part and parcel of how we’ve been successful for over a decade.
Yes! Your custom-branded funnel will be created for you if we form a white label partnership. That includes the “Enter your domain” and “Enter Keywords” systems, and custom-branded pricing generator and keyword opportunity tool. You’d be responsible for any landing-pages that you’d want to place in front of the funnel.
No. We currently only offer services to English language domains, primarily based in the United States. We also currently won’t accept clients running adult or gambling websites. We appreciate your understanding!
No. The truth is, no legitimate SEO can guarantee higher rankings. There are variables that are simply out of our control. We can however, guarantee that we will do our very best to improve your client’s search visibility and other key SEO metrics.
We’ll be happy to schedule phone calls with your clients ahead of time to handle any technical issues that you or your team are unequipped to handle. We also use email forwarders for our content team to work directly with your blog management and social marketing clients (with custom-branded email addresses to represent your brand).
There is a one-time $149 setup fee. This is non-refundable and covers the effort we expend to customize each white label implementation.

There are no additional fees, minimums, or dues associated with our white label program. You can have 1 or 100 clients in our platform and your rates will not differ.

Nope! We’ve taken every precaution to ensure your clients will never be exposed to the RankPay brand.
You can handle this in a handful of ways.

1) You can enter your client’s domain and keywords before even speaking with them! After our SEO team has replied with approval/denials/suggestions, you’ll have locked in pricing for approved keywords. You can pitch them to your client, and 1-click activate them within your dashboard.

2) You can send us your clients domain and core business keyword, and we’ll send you an unbranded custom proposal with your markup to give them.

3) Your client can use your custom-branded SEO funnel and do keyword research themselves.

Yep! When you join the program, you’ll agree to our terms of service. Inside your white label funnel, we’ll have a version of that setup for your brand that your clients will agree to if they sign up for performance-based SEO. That way, you’re protected with the same level of care that we take with our own clients.
Unfortunately, we don’t have white-label reporting yet. We currently send reports to our white label partners, and our partners then distribute them as they see fit to their clients.
We take care of all on-page optimizations for SEO customers. You’d simply enter the website login information inside your account dashboard, and we’ll handle the rest!