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Get Paid To Blog: 50+ Sites That Will Pay You To Write!

Getting by as a writer isn’t always the easiest thing. We all hope for that big break, the article we write that’ll go viral and get our name out there for good.

But the reality of everyday life is often just a little bit different. We have to pay bills and save money for the future, and we’d like to achieve those goals doing something we love.

Luckily, there’s no shortage of publications (both on and offline) that can help you get paid to blog. 

A good starting place might be writing for us! Are you an SEO expert? A social media guru? Do you write great content about content? Check out our own blogger program to learn more, we’re offering $50 per article!

We’ll be constantly updating this list and if you have any suggestions of your own, please leave them in the comments. The more the merrier.

Business & Finance


B. Michelle Pippin

Michelle Pippin1 1024x629
Pay: $50 – $100 per article.

Description: All things business: marketing, CRO, financing, etc.

Doctor of Credit

Doctor Of Credit 1024x626

Pay: $50 per article

Description: Personal finance articles, focused on credit.

eCommerce Insiders

Ecommerce Insiders1


Pay: $75 – $125 per article

Description: They accept both news-related and “tips and tricks” style articles related to the online retail industry.

Income Diary

Income Diary

Pay: $50 – $200 per article

Description: Anything and everything related to online businesses.

Krazy Coupon Lady

Krazy Coupon Lady 1024x551

Pay: $50 per article

Description: This program is on hold, but check back in soon for the revamp to be completed.


RankPay 1024x642

Pay: $50 per article

Description: Submit your articles about social media, SEO and content marketing.

Work Online

Work Online Blog1 1024x603


Pay: $50 per article

Description: Accepts posts broadly related to online businesses.


Pay: $100 per article

Description: Online Business related topics, click below to get more details!





Pay: Up to $50 an article

Description: They accept articles on a variety of topics related to travel.


GloHoliday 1024x609

Pay: $40 per article

Description: Ultimate resource for world travel. Articles published often concern holidays planning, travel tips, and local events.

Great Escape Publishing

Great Escape Publishing 1024x603

Pay: $50 – $200 per article

Description: Different pay depending on the type of article submitted. They publish interviews, income advice and personal stories all related to travel.

International Living

International Living 1024x601

Pay: Up to $400 per article

Description: The focus of this blog is on living and retiring in a country other than the USA.

Perceptive Travel

Perceptive Travel 1024x614

Pay: $100 per article

Description: Online magazine that shares travel stories from all over the world.

The Expeditioner

The Expeditioner 1024x615

Pay: $30 per article

Description: All things travel here, submit articles concerning the latest news, your own stories and personal insights, etc.

Transition Abroad

Transitions Abroad 1024x618

Pay: $50 – $150 per article

Description: As the name implies, this blog is focused on long-term stays outside of one’s home country.

Travel and Leisure

Travel Leisure 1024x615

Pay: Unspecified

Description: Reach out to be accepted as an author and then work on assigned/commissioned articles.


World Hum

World Hum

Pay: Unspecified

Description: Long-standing quality site looking for long-form articles and stories related to world travel.

Web & Graphic Design


A List Apart

A List Apart 1024x610

Pay: $100 per article

Description: Long form articles on design are accepted here, generally a minimum of 1500 words.

Crazyleaf Design

Crazy Leaf Design 1024x599

Pay: Unspecified

Description: Focused on web design, they accept illustration, programming, and design related articles.



Pay: $150 per article

Description: This blog is focused on web design and Flash development in particular.


InstantShift 1024x627

Pay: Unspecified

Description: Get paid to write top-tier web design and development related content here.

Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop Tutorials 1024x595

Pay: $50 per tip // $150 – $300 per article

Description: The title says it all. Submit your Photoshop design tutorials here and get paid to blog!


Site Point 1024x595

Pay: $150 – $300 per article

Description: HTML and CSS related articles are accepted here.

Slick WP

SlickWP 1024x596

Pay: $100 per article

Description: Submit longer articles here to get paid to write about WordPress design, Genesis, and WP plugins and themes.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Description: Submit your best design and development articles here, sharing best practices and tips and tricks.




Funds For Writers

Funds For Writers 1024x601

Pay: $50 per article

Description: Great resource for writers to get published and make some money writing on a variety of topics.


Intense Blog 1024x601

Pay: Up to $50

Description: Contribute articles and tutorials on a variety of subjects here.\\

Write Naked

Write Naked

Pay: $50 – $200 per article

Description: Great outlet to publish articles about the latest trends, the writer’s life, and interviews.

Writers Weekly

Writers Weekly 1024x627

Pay: $60 per article

Description: A long-standing bastion of freelance writing, WritersWeekly accepts article submissions on a wide variety of topics.




College Humor


Pay: Up to $50 per article

Description: Article submissions here can be pretty short and sweet and cover a huge range of topics.

Constant Content

Constant Content

Pay: 65%

Description: They’re looking for writers on a wide variety of topics. Constant Content serves as the middle-man to get writers access to many different publishers.



Pay: $50 – $200 per article

Description: Cracked allows submissions on virtually any topic and it’s pretty easy to get a feel for what kind of content gets chosen for publishing.

Funny Times

Funny Times 1024x638

Pay: $60 per article

Description: Articles that make fun of pretty much anything can get accepted here.


Grasslimb 1024x607

Pay: $5 – $70 per article

Description: Grasslimb is a polished literary journal that features artwork, poetry and essays. Pay depends upon the type and quality of submission.

2. HubPages

Hub Pages

Pay: Adsense/Affiliate Based Pay

Description: HubPages allows you to write articles covering either a unique or particularly helpful topic. Pay is determined by adsense revenue.


IWorkWell 1024x632

Pay: Up to $200 per article

Description: Write about anything you’re a particularly qualified expert with regard to. Great way to get paid to blog.

Knowledge Nuts

Knowledge Nuts

Pay: $10 per article

Description: Short and sweet, you get paid $10 for each “knowledge nut” or short article that you contribute.


Listverse 1024x616

Pay: $100 per article

Description: Lists, lists and more lists. They can cover basically any topic you like that seems noteworthy.


Smithsonian 1024x616

Pay: $.50 – $.60 per word

Description: Well known publication that accepts submissions of high-quality material.

The Sun Magazine

The Sun

Pay: $300 – $2500 per article

Description: Long-standing and highly-regarded ad-free publication. Submit your deep and creative stuff here.



Alaska Parent

Alaska Parent

Pay: $40 – $200 per article

Description: Parenting magazine focused on children from infants to teenagers.


HowlRound 1024x599

Pay: $50 – $150 per article

Description: Arts, theater and performance based submissions are welcome here. Greater pay for longer articles.

Metro Parent

Metro Parent

Pay: $150 – $350 per article

Description: Print and online publication of parenting articles.

The Dollar Stretcher

The Dollar Stretcher 1024x625

Pay: $50 per article // $.10 per word

Description: Make your dollar go farther by “Living better… for less.”

The Introspectionist

The Introspectionist

Pay: $100 – $200 per article

Description: Publication for intelligent women that seek to live “examined lives”. They accept full-length feature articles and shorter pieces and poetry as well.

Scary Mommy

Scary Mommy 1024x630

Pay: $100 per article

Description: Parenting magazine that covers a wide variety of topics including the evolving relationships of parents.

WOW! Women on Writing


Pay: $50 – $150 per article

Description: Great publication for writing women, they accept submissions on a bunch of different subjects.



Make Tech Easier

Make Tech Easier 1024x617

Pay: Unspecified

Description: Tutorials, quick-fixes and shortcuts. Make Tech Easier sets out to make technology more accessible to the masses.



Pay: Unspecified

Description: Similar to the last entry, the goal here is to make complicated technology simpler to understand. Submit your articles regarding the latest tech news and corporate IT solutions here.

Sam Warren
Sam Warren is CEO of RankPay, a digital marketing agency that pioneered early advances in Search Engine Optimization in 2007. Now overseeing a growing team of talented individuals, his experience has been largely shaped by personally partnering and working with over 100 businesses, ranging from small startups and local businesses, to national B2B enterprises.
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