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White Label SEO Program

When we launched our white label SEO program we weren’t sure how it would go over.

We knew there was demand of course, and we had some prospective “beta” partners. But we definitely didn’t know how quickly the program would grow.

Almost overnight we needed to start refining processes, introduce new features, and start to devote more time to getting to know our partners.

We had one goal in mind when it came to our White Label SEO Program: add our social marketing and blog management services to the menu.

Well, it may have taken us until September, but we’ve finally finished!

Why Should You Care?

First and foremost, because you asked for it!

We heard our partners loud and clear. “We want to sell social marketing packages” and “when can we resell the blog management service?”.

Your feedback was fairly consistent and encouraging, so we knew we had to get to work!

The benefits are many. Selling either of these services in addition to SEO has a cumulative effect on results that is hard to ignore.

Social signals and fresh content are accretive to earning higher search rankings and improving domain visibility. So allowing our white label partners to sell these services under their own brand umbrella is a win win.

White label partners can now collect that tidy line item for a monthly service, in addition to improving the rate at which rankings improve (earning increased recurring revenue).

How Does Reselling Social Marketing and Blog Management Work?

Simple really. All you’ll need to do is determine your package pricing and sell your client on the service. Though if we’re being fair, we can even get on a conference call to help close the sale as a representative of your business

Once you have a client ready to get started, all you need to do is send us their information via your partner dashboard and set-up a custom email account on your domain for our team to use. We’ll take it from there.

We’ll reach out to your client to learn about their tone, their business goals, and their audience. After our content team has a good idea of how to represent your client’s brand through social posts and/or blogging, we’ll start writing!

Our writers are all professional US based content creators, we don’t outsource this to non-native English speakers. We believe in quality above quantity.

You’ll be cc’d on all email correspondences between our content team and your client, but there’s no need for you to do anything else. Just collect from your client month over month, sit back, and enjoy watching the results pour in!

So What’s Next for the RankPay White Label Program?

Good question!

We have a few items on our hitlist that we’re excited to get to. But if I’m being honest, I’m not sure in which order we’re going to tackle them yet.

But here’s the lowdown. We want to…

  • Incorporate white label reporting capabilities
  • Develop an integrated billing solution
  • Explore white-labeled email customer support

What do you have in mind?

If you’re an existing or potential partner and have ideas for the platform, don’t hesitate to email us at! We’d love to hear your feedback.

Sam Warren
Sam Warren is CEO of RankPay, a digital marketing agency that pioneered early advances in Search Engine Optimization in 2007. Now overseeing a growing team of talented individuals, his experience has been largely shaped by personally partnering and working with over 100 businesses, ranging from small startups and local businesses, to national B2B enterprises.
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