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The ultimate search engine optimization service.

How would RankPay get my site ranked?

RankPay uses a combination of methods to achieve rankings. These may include link building, blog posts, article marketing, social marketing, directory submissions, community bookmarking and more. There are also two proprietary things that we do that usually help a lot with rankings but those are our little secrets . . . ;-)

Hong long will it take for me to reach my targeted rankings?

It's impossible to predict when a website will reach a certain ranking for a specific keyword. The major search engines are becoming more and more unpredictable to prevent people from figuring out their search engine algorithms. Some sites get ranked within a number of weeks while other sites often take several months.

Some factors that determine how long it takes for a site to get ranked are:

- the competition for the keyword being targeted
- the age of the domain name
- the age of the specific web page (URL)
- and the age of the links pointing to that Web page

The important thing is to be patient. SEO takes time. Most website owners that have achieved rankings will tell you it's well worth the wait!

How many times per month am I billed for my search engine optimization services?

Only once. On the 1st of every month your site(s) rankings are checked and then the associated charges are applied.
On the 15th of every month you will receive a ranking update but there are no charges applied to your account.

Is there anything I should be doing during my SEO campaign?

The good news is that if the "onpage" optimization has already been done to your Web pages, than there's not much for you to do!
Just be sure that if you (or your webmaster) make any changes to any of your Web pages that you do not remove the targeted keywords or change the page's Title. This will almost always have a negative effect on your rankings.