If you don't rank, you don't pay.

RankPay SEO Service FAQ

1. How does RankPay pricing work?

If you don't rank, you don't pay. Pricing is based upon the improved rankings achieved for each keyword. Our SEO Opportunity Tool provides upfront pricing and no set-up fees. Pricing is locked for the six month program, and will not change.

Please visit: www.RankPay.com/pricing#how-does-rankpay-pricing-work to help address detailed pricing questions.

2. How long does it usually take to achieve rankings?

SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. The time frame for rankings to improve can vary significantly based on the site, and the competitive landscape. RankPay typically averages (44) days before experiencing sustainable ranking increases. Across thousands of keywords, we see programs that take weeks, and others that take months. Therefore, we set expectations with every customer that the SEO process must be a consistent approach which requires patience.

3. So this means that RankPay will begin increasing my site's rankings before I pay a dime?


4. Why haven't I heard of any other companies doing this?

Our proprietary SEO Opportunity Tool determines keywords that your site has a good probability to rank for based on the competitive landscape for the select keyword, or phrase. The tool's algorithm reviews over (80) variables that are valued by the Search Engines. Due to this approach, we're willing to assume the risk on the front-end of each program.

5. How does RankPay's pricing compare to other SEO companies?

Based on customer feedback, our pricing is typically never the highest, or the lowest.

6. How does RankPay achieve rankings?

RankPay uses proven SEO practices to achieve rankings and abides by industry standards, including: credible link building, relevant blog postings, trusted social bookmarking, and select directory submissions in order to build a consistent, customized SEO program for each and every customer.

Our SEO Team has partnerships with hundreds of publishers, blogs, and directory sites. Nearly all RankPay SEO activities result in permanent exposure, even if the program is no longer in Active status. We work with our partners to identify relevant context for opportunities to further strengthen our customer's SEO programs.

7. Why do you need my credit card information?

Customer Billing is completed on the 1st day of each month, and charges are based upon the Ranking Reports across Google, Bing and Yahoo! on that day. Your approved credit card serves as the payment method once your keywords have been activated, received Onpage Optimization, and only charged if indeed your rankings have improved from the original ranking on the Activation Date. Improved rankings must be ranked within the Top 30 search results on Google and/or Bing/Yahoo!.

8. How long does this pricing last?

Keyword pricing is locked on the Activation Date, and will not change. After the six month period is completed, customers have the following (3) program considerations at their sole discretion:

  1. Customer can choose to deactivate keywords at any time without ($200) Deactivation Fee;
  2. Customer can choose to transition to "RankPay's SEO Services Maintenance Program" if the keyword ranking reaches the Top 10 positions on Google. If the customer chooses to transition to the "Maintenance Program", the keyword pricing will be reduced by 50% of the monthly program price.
  3. Customer can cancel at any time with the applicable monthly pro-rated charges applied, and the Deactivation Fee is not charged based on the completion of the six month program.

9. Does RankPay accept any website and/or small business?

We accept most websites, although we don't accept any businesses related to gambling, pharmaceuticals, adult-material, or other offensive content.

10. How often are Ranking Reports provided?

Ranking reports are updated a minimum of (6) times per month within the Customer Dashboard which all Active RankPay Customers have a login/password to their specific programs. As an Active RankPay Customer, the Customer Dashboard is available at any time.

Within RankPay's Dashboard, Customers also have full access to their Account Information, All Active Keywords, All Pending Keywords, All Deactivated Keywords, a Keyword Watchlist to monitor non-active keywords, and a SEO Services Activity Description Report for their Active Keywords.

11. Will RankPay help with On-Page & Activation Set-up?

Absolutely! We do not charge any fees for On-Page Optimization consultation, and we'll definitely spend dedicated time to ensure that your pages are optimally set-up for the engines review. Please visit the following page which will help guide you through the Keyword Activation Process step-by-step: www.RankPay.com/faq/Activate-Keywords

12. Can RankPay help with On-Site Implementation of Social Sharing Buttons?

We highly encourage that every site incorporates Social Sharing buttons, primarily Google+ and Facebook Likes.... however, additional integration that fosters sharing is definitely endorsed as well. If you have any challenges with the implementation, we'd be happy to support the process if needed, without any associated charges. Also, the following page is helpful as well: www.RankPay.com/help/social-media-integration