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How RankPay Successfully Improved Rankings for a Legal Client With Four Locations Within 90 Days

The Challenge

A large legal client approached RankPay for help in improving the local search results of two of their locations. The locations were both in highly competitive local markets, and the client had struggled to gain traction with their current SEO plan. At the time RankPay began working with this client they only had a handful of keywords ranking on the first page of Google, despite their recent efforts.


RankPay put together a custom SEO plan to improve visibility and keyword rankings in 90 days for these specific geographic markets through the use of local citations, Google Business optimization, a targeted organic content plan, on-page optimization, and other recommendations as applicable to the market. 

Initially, the client turned to RankPay for help with two of their locations. However, after the initial 90 days expired, they found the SEO plan to be so successful that they asked RankPay to take on another two locations. With a proven plan in place, both of those markets saw an increase in keyword rankings within 60 days.


As a result of their partnership with RankPay, this client saw their keyword rankings significantly increase within 90 days. This growth was apparent across all four locations after only 30 days and has continued to improve.

After six months of working together, the client has found this partnership to be extremely beneficial and so successful that they recently asked RankPay to manage an additional four locations.

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Location 1

Improved rankings for 99% of keywords tracked

25% increase in average keyword position

10% increase in number of organic keywords ranked

10% increase in number of keywords on page 1 of search results

Increased web traffic from 5k to 5.6k/month

Increased organic calls by 170%

Location 2

Improved rankings for 88% of keywords tracked

15% increase in number of organic keywords ranked

345% increase in number of keywords on page 1 of search results

Increased the number of top 3 organic keywords by 30%

As a law firm in a highly competitive market, we knew we needed a strategic edge to improve our visibility. That’s when we found RankPay Marketing. Their expertise has been transformative for our online presence.

Jaice L.
Managing Partner

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