Complete Auto Service of Ann Arbor

Increased gross monthly revenue by 46% in 12 months

Client Overview

Complete Auto Service of Ann Arbor, a family-owned auto repair shop located in Michigan, specializes in providing comprehensive automotive repair and maintenance services to local residents. With a commitment to quality and personalized service, they aimed to expand their customer base and establish a stronger online presence.

The Challenge

Complete Auto Service of Ann Arbor had been serving the community for years but struggled to leverage the digital landscape to its full advantage. Their online visibility was limited, and they needed a strategic approach to attract new customers while nurturing existing relationships.


Enter RankPay – A leading digital marketing agency with expertise in helping automotive businesses thrive online.

Armed with a thorough understanding of Complete Auto Service’s goals, RankPay embarked on a mission to elevate the shop’s digital presence and drive growth.

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Strategy And Results

Improve Website Lead Generation

We made website improvement recommendations for Complete Auto Service which increased website conversions and incentivized immediate visitor action.

Earn Top Organic Rankings: Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A comprehensive SEO audit identified key areas for improvement. We engaged in a complete overhaul of the website’s SEO, including on-page optimizations, site health and performance improvements, and off-page SEO best practices.

Increase Brand Authority With Content Marketing

We created informative and SEO optimized pieces of website content (landing pages and blogs) aimed at earning visitor trust and search engine attention. These resources positioned Complete Auto Service as an authoritative resource in the local community, and contributed to improved search engine rankings.

Launch Targeted Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Campaigns

We rebuilt John’s Google Ads account from the ground up, with a laser focus on the highest-value keywords. We leveraged call-tracking technology to establish a CPL, and perform ongoing optimizations to stay a step ahead of the competition. These campaigns continue to drive significant incoming phone calls from folks who have cars in need of urgent repairs.

The Numbers: One Year Later

  • Increased average monthly car count from 162 to 212 (30%).
  • Increased average repair order (RO) by 18%.
  • Increased gross monthly revenue by 46%.
  • The shop now closes earlier each and every day. That means John and his team get a full hour back each day, to spend with family and enjoying their lives. That is our favorite part of this success story!


RankPay’s meticulous digital marketing strategy revitalized Complete Auto Service of Ann Arbor’s online presence, driving real business growth. This case study demonstrates the transformative power of data-driven digital marketing for traditional businesses seeking max velocity on the digital highway.

Our businesses have thrived with the guidance and collaborative efforts of RankPay. They have been able to consistently funnel my businesses a vast tsunami of digital interest. I would highly recommend that you consider… what RankPay tells you to do if you want to succeed in today’s Google digital marketing landscape.

John Karageorge
Atlas & Associates, Inc. - Presiding CEO

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