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Introducing RankPay’s Blog Writing Service

In early 2016, we started offering a blog management service to our existing SEO customers. We knew it would be a success, but we didn’t know how quickly it would take off.

At the time of writing, we’re now publishing over 5,000 pieces of unique content for our customers, every month!

The feedback has been so positive in fact, that we’ve decided to roll-out a completely independent blog writing service. We’re proud to announce that our blog writing service is now open to the public!

Signing up for our performance-based SEO solution is no longer a prerequisite to take advantage of this exciting opportunity.

Why Bother Blogging?

By now, hopefully most of you have heard the phrase “content is king”.

Now, a lot of catchphrases like these are just bunk, hype, or worse. In this case, it’s all too real!

Content marketing is definitively here to stay. Perhaps more importantly, it’s one heck of a ranking factor in the search engines.

Not sold yet? It’s also a great way to engage your fans, nurture leads, and onboard new customers! Think about the possibilities!

So if companies with active blogs on average earn 55% more traffic than those that don’t, why don’t more businesses take advantage of this opportunity? Because trying to keep up to date with your blog can be downright exhausting.

That’s where we come in.

How Does Our Blog Writing Service Work?

You might be wondering… “how on earth can I outsource my content creation without running into a ton of issues?”.

We hear you. It’s scary to turn over the reins to an outside entity. That’s why we’ll work closely with you to produce content that both matches your business tone, and targets your business objectives.

Don’t have a blog yet? No problem. We’ll create one for you. In our Pro and Enterprise plans, we’ll even manage it for you on WordPress, keeping everything up to date without you needing to get down in the weeds.

All topics are pre-approved by our clients, and all final drafts are pre-approved as well. We’ll never publish anything without your express permission.

Further, we schedule topics ahead of time, and stick to due dates! We run a tight ship so you’ll know exactly what to expect each week. Leaving you freed up to run your business.

Finally, you’ll have a dedicated content manager that will be your main contact here at RankPay. We’ll build a positive working relationship with you so everything can run smoothly from day one.

RankPay Blog Management Plans

We’re currently offering 3 plans: Basic, Essential, and Growh.

Blog Management Plans

For budget conscious local business owners, the Basic Plan is an affordable way to test the waters and discover what fresh and relevant content can do for your business and search rankings.

For most small-midsize business owners, our Essential Plan provides the greatest value. 2 longer posts each month means that Google will consistently see your website producing fresh and useful resources. Having worked in the search marketing industry for over a decade, trust us when we tell you that this has a big impact!

We also offer extended RSS distribution and royalty-free image inclusion. This will help attract new eyes and earn you more visitors and leads.

Our Growth Plan is a great fit for larger business, as it includes 4 articles every month (1 per week). It also includes all of the Essential Plan perks and then some. Press release distribution and content syndication to name a few.

Of course, we offer custom programs for franchise and regional enterprises, that can include any number of articles and benefits. Contact us today to learn more about the custom solutions we have available.

What Next?

Interested in giving it a shot? It’s super easy to sign up!

If you’re a RankPay customer, just log into your dashboard and click “Blog Management” in the left hand menu. Pick a plan and you’re pretty much all done!

If you’re new to RankPay, head over to our blog management page and learn more about the service and individual plans. Afterwards, pick a plan, enter your credit card details, and that’s about it.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach us at and we’ll be happy to help!

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