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Why Content is King

Creating content is important, but there is more to why we are churning out words, images and videos than SEO. From an SEO perspective, content is the bedrock of that particular process, as without content what are you going to rank for – nothing.

But the real purpose behind content is to engage real people.

The key word here is “engage” – to attract attention and share a relevant message to a prospective customer.  More important than ranking for a keyword, your content must introduce, represent and help people get to know your product or service.

The ability to form communities, connections and earn customer’s trust is much more important as online marketing and consumer behavior evolves. Your content is going to drive this, so you have to work very hard to deliver quality which achieves these human objectives, rather than simply worry about how your SEO is going to pan out.

There are (3) Content Techniques which deliver high engagement value:

  1. Blogging
  2. Video Tutorials
  3. Case Studies / White Papers

Blog Posting

Blogging is important for SEO and engagement. Your blog is how you can quickly get your site built out in terms of size (using tags and categories), but more importantly for SEO, it is how you can start grabbing search traffic for the long-tail keyword terms.

Your blog also provides an opportunity for your business to engage with your customers, as well as draw in new visitors. Your blog allows you to invest in developing new content on a regular basis through sharing news and information and perspective.

If your business doesn’t have a blog, start today:

Video Tutorials

Video is a great medium for many different reasons: from an SEO perspective, video provides businesses with an additional distribution platform.  Also, video tutorials provide real information with your product in action, and which is highly relevant to the problems prospects you want to solve.

If a picture paints a thousand words, a video will show how to write a bestselling novel. How-to and instructional videos are resources which will bring people back again and again.  Also, creating a video is easier and less expensive than you think.  If you want to know where to start, just let us know – happy to share our preferred partners:

Case Studies/White Papers

The written word has a powerful impact on humans because of how our brains are wired. If we read something, we are far more likely to give it credibility and authority than if we just hear it.

By writing on topics which you are expert on, you gain credibility and authority in the mind of the reader, and that is just a short step from gaining trust.

But what are you an expert on?

That’s a very easy question to answer: your product or service, your business environment, or the problems and issues your business addresses for customers. You are an expert in these areas and more, and by formulating thoughts into a structured document, which can be a short case study or a detailed report, you are confirming this to your readers (even if they don’t read them).


Content generation is the foundation for SEO success because it drives an engaged community and/or customer.

Blogging, video tutorials and industry white papers and case studies are (3) straight-forward ways to share the voice and perspective of your business.

Investing in an always-on new content process is required and increasingly more important as the Engine’s continue to work hard to showcase relevant, fresh content more prominently.

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