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Invest in Video Optimization

Google is increasingly including relevant videos prominently within the natural results.

Recent research has proven that ranking a video is often more likely to gain ranking increases as consumers have come to trust, engage and expect that quick videos can be very helpful.  That said, you will quickly see that video optimization relies heavily on judicious use of the right keywords – this cannot be emphasized heavily enough, so make sure you have done your keyword research properly.

Following are a few of RankPay’s quick tips to video optimization:

Create Compelling Content

This means creating a video which your target market is going to want to watch. This does not mean you over-invest in a Hollywood style production – think simple. Customer testimonials and/or instructional intros are excellent for this purpose – a two minute testimonial is a powerful marketing tool, and best of all it doesn’t cost you anything except some time.

Be brief, get to the point fast and make sure you’re supporting the core message.

Keyword Rich Title

Give your video a keyword rich title – this is extremely important for SEO purposes, additionally, the title will play an important part in determining whether the user will play the video or not.

Use Tags

If your video platform allows it (and most will) make use of the tags which will describe the video content.

Keyword Rich File Name

Use a keyword –rich filename for the underlying video file.

Optimize Content around the Video on the Website

Google and Bing-Yahoo! pay close attention to the information about the content the supports the video.  A frequent mistake is to upload videos to a web page and then provide no text content around the video itself.

Submit a Sitemap

Submit a video sitemap to Google for faster indexing and clearer context to your video.

Link to Your Video

Build prominent links to your video from your website especially if the video is hosted on third party sites like YouTube.


If you have uploaded the video onto your website, consider uploading the video to platforms such as YouTube, MetaCafe and DailyMotion. Again, make full use of the description and tag entries on these platforms.  This will maximize the potential audience for your video and help improve its ability to rank.  In addition, make sure users can like the video – enable Google +1, Facebook Likes and social media sharing, e.g. Twitter.


Create compelling content – this is the most important point for video optimization. Boring, over length content will not attract and retain the attention of users and indeed, it can be counter-productive.

Keywords play an important role in video optimization – make sure you have done your research properly to begin with.

Enable sharing – video is social media friendly, but you must make it easy for users to access and share with their circle of online social contacts.

Every small business and website can invest in a creative video to help engage their customers.  Once the video content is completed, optimizing the video for SEO purposes and distribution will continue to help broaden your acquisition efforts for new customers.


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