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3 Social Media Tools You Will Absolutely Fall In ‘Like’ With

SMB’s recognize that managing their Social Media presence is an important part of their digital presence.  However, given the multitude of management tools available — it is difficult to select the right platform to rely on. The issue becomes more challenging when you are trying to determine what your ROI is from social media activity.

It is a business axiom that you must track results to see where you should invest. Fortunately, there are several Social Media Management Tools on the market which simplify tracking and management of your profiles at affordable rates.

The major benefits from using a Social Media Management Tool include:

  • Increased effectiveness and use of your time;
  • Simplified monitoring of multiple Social Media accounts for tracking or submissions;
  • Utilization of key metrics and insights to help optimize communication channels

These ‘benefits’ become your shortlist of criteria for what a SM Management Tool should be providing as standard as management tools are not about what they can do, but rather what you are going to do with them. For instance, Google Analytics is great for tracking visits, but the major benefit comes from integrating its’ conversion functionality capabilities.

The following (3) companies represent RankPay’s Recommended Social Media Management Tools for consideration:


Crowdbooster handles your Twitter and Facebook accounts, and also gives you ‘Targeted Recommendations’ on what and when to post based on audience interaction and who your followers and friends are. Additionally, you can see which of your posts and tweets are having the greatest impact, so you can focus in on what your audience actually wants.

Crowdbooster provides simplified analytics with impressive charting functionality and Audience Insights that can be customized to help with communication optimization.


SproutSocial has a very robust platform which is used by thousands of businesses, and offers (3) pricing plans ranging from $39 per month for small/local businesses, to $99 per month for larger companies and agencies.

Sprout brings all your messages/activity into one consolidated stream of information and provides an intuitive interface which makes it very easy to use. Their reporting and analytics offerings are very advanced and there are iPhone and Android applications for mobile access.



Postling expands the number of Social Media platforms you can manage and monitor including Flickr, Tumblr, YouTube and many others.

Another interesting feature includes competition monitoring which provides businesses with the ability to pull-in reviews, tweets, blog comments etc. based on the search terms which are submitted and tracked.


Managing Social Media activities can be difficult, but establishing control and working out how effective they are for you is vital.  Please let us know if we can help ensure that your site is also set-up for success:

All (3) of these recommended Social Media Management Tools are very affordable and reliable, and will support your efforts to better monitor and optimize the Social Landscape for your site:

Also, key to remember — utilizing social media is an important signal that the search engines value within their relevancy algorithms as they determine rankings.  Accordingly, maintaining a dedicated SEO Program coupled with Social Media is an increasingly powerful combination that will help all businesses and websites consistently grow their customer base.

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