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Optimizing for Site Conversion

What happens after a visitor reacts positively to a call to action and clicks through to a sales landing page for your product? Almost everything we have discussed in this blog has dealt with getting visitors to this point – the point of sale. This is the undisputed realm of SEO.

Prominent Rankings = Increased Traffic = Higher Sales?

Unfortunately, increased traffic does not necessarily equate to more sales.  Worse, the cost of driving traffic may not be offset by current sales rates, so what is the solution? SEO is a fantastically powerful marketing tool, but it is one of several factors in web marketing success.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) assumes a dominant role and is responsible for the second half of our equation, and critical to ROI.  To optimize your conversion rates you must put yourself into the mind of the visitor to your site who has a need, a desire or a problem. You have the solution/product/service and the answer to what they are looking for.  All of your touchpoints and calls to action must reflect this, as the visitor is drawn through the sales conversion funnel and ultimately, to the sale.

(7) Basic Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

1.)    Establish Your Value Proposition by being simple and clear.

2.)    Reduce onsite advertising to mitigate customers leaving your site, if applicable.

3.)    Mitigate too many offers – remove as much distraction as possible through the sales funnel.

4.)    Share testimonials to highlight your customer’s experiences.

5.)    Utilize Call-to-Action messaging to effectively communicate your products/services offerings.

6.)    Simplify the checkout process as more than 50% of sales are abandoned at the purchase stage.

7.)    Test everything….. measure effectiveness of messaging, layouts, and so on.

While SEO and CRO share many optimization principles — they are not mutually exclusive.  The best strategy is to maximize your focus on each discipline in-parallel.  Investing in SEO, combined with CRO, will help every small business achieve ongoing efficiency.

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